No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

week in a blur

Random Lebowski obscure tangent.... Produced some babble for work that mentioned paraquat.

I thought work was going to ease off, but I was wrong. However, mucho profit in the week. Despite some snafus with mailing things to Russia.

Have continued with the Smithsonian Puzzle. Puzzle 7 was a walk down memory lane... Remember when the GRE still had those logic puzzle things... You know the sort of thing: Mrs. A, Mrs. B, and Mrs. C are an axe murderer, a bibliomancer, and a courtesan. The courtesan lives in a white house across the street from the cemetery. And so on. Anyway, it was fun. I love those things.

Puzzle 8 kicked my ass. Over and over. I was a little annoyed, since an earlier rule taught me that endless searching on the Smithsonian website was not the right way to solve it. Whereas this one did indeed require endless, but purposeful, searching on the Smithsonian website. I was three steps beyond giving up, when I lassoed Dr. Pookie into helping. And that maybe got me involved and reenthused again, and the answer almost miraculously appeared. I was more or less doing it right from the beginning, it just takes a lot of dedication. Ok, I'll admit when I was less dedicated, I wandered off into cloud cuckoo land and started decoding things into bit-7 ASCII.

Puzzle 9 was a splendid rebus. Although I was briefly flummoxed, due to not counting my low brass accurately. I thought I was going crazy, because I had a message in plain English that was obviously correct, but it wasn't working.

Next up. Puzzle 10. Rumored to be a doozy. And then the final acrostic.
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