No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Smithsonian puzzle thing

Today the last piece of the puzzle drops (which only grants access to the ultimate puzzle). Dr. Pookie has correctly divined that I have gotten perhaps too obsessed with this thing. She also notes that, if I want to take a trip to the Smithsonian, there are easier ways to do that.

Be that as it may...

Puzzlemeister Ken Jennings made a blogpost with some interesting info on how the puzzlers are doing so far. I'm a bit astonished to see that, as of last night, the number of correct solutions to the hideous puzzle #8 is... 17. That's quite some winnowing that's occurred, despite the twitterpation going on. And I'm one of the 17. As long as shad_0 isn't playing, I have pretty good odds, I think. So this may call for taking the afternoon off from work...
Tags: insanity, puzzle

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