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Risk Legacy

smaugslair got Risk Legacy for his birthday, and we've started up a campaign with aaronjv, graydons, and darkportent. It's a pretty neat idea. There's Risk at the core, but all sorts of interesting new frou-frou added. Each faction has special unique powers, and the players get to modify the rules, the cards, and the board by adding various stickers here and there that permanently change things. For instance, placing a bunker sticker on a territory gives the defender a +1 mod to die rolls. You might think a +1 here or there doesn't make much difference, but strategic use of them was very powerful in our first game (out of a campaign of 15).

Even before the first game there's a little modification to be done, as the factions get a choice of one of two powers (we chose by popular vote), and bonus resource dots go onto some of the territory cards. Just to document the current situation, our planet has

3-resource territories: Western Australia & Greenland
2-resource territories: Argentina, S. Africa, Alberta, Scandinavia, Afghanistan, China, Indonesia, Russia.

Player #1 Aaron got off to a quick start due both to his faction's power and luck in getting the 3-spot resource card for Western Australia. Burying himself in Australia meant that his HQ was the only one not threatened during the game.
I started fairly aggressively, taking S. America and plopping a fair sized force in North Africa.
Kevin spread out a bit in N. America.
Graydon, starting from Madagascar, decided that I did not belong in Africa, and came to smite me. Turn one hasn't even gone around once, and I had to whip out that bunker to fortify my troops in N. Africa. With a +1 on one die, and defender winning ties, it's pretty good for the defender. And Graydon's dice abandoned him. He sent squad after squad of suicide troops against me, until he had nothing left.
Ken spread out from Japan and rubbed up against Aaron.
On my next turn, I smooshed the last of Graydon.
Unfortunately, my modest enhancement of my troops along the border with N. America was seen as threatening, and Kevin took Venezuela.
Though Graydon had been knocked out, if there are still unoccupied territories, players can come back, though with a fairly small force. But it was enough for him to wreak annoying revenge on me. He retook N. Africa, separating my S. American forces from my African ones.
Ken and Aaron battled it out, and Ken got the worst of it. By the end of it, Japan had changed hands a few times, and both Japan and China had Ammo Shortages placed on them (defender has a -1 penalty).
I had to rebuild some, making sure to take the Middle East, so that Aaron didn't have the whole continent, and making a gentleman's agreement to leave Kevin alone, so he could face off against Aaron via the Alaska to Kamchatka route. Kevin and Aaron battle some, while Graydon and Ken try to spoil everything for everyone.
Aaron makes a beeline to take Graydon's former HQ in Madagascar (now in my control). If he succeeds, he wins the game. It was one of those scary things, as he plows his army through my poorly defended territories and then gets ready to batter away at reasonably defended Madagascar (now also supplied with a bunker by Kevin). The bunker bonus was just barely enough to keep Aaron out.
And then, alas, I saw my own chance to seize the laurels. Though it required smashing my way through my erstwhile ally Kevin. This is just how global domination works, I'm afraid. And Graydon whipped out one last bunker to protect Kevin's HQ in Ontario, but I just had enough to make it happen and won the game. Whew!
Then there are victory rewards. As the winner, I placed a major city in North Africa to honor my great early victory there. The other gents placed minor cities. So the final map situation is....

Casablanca (major city) in N. Africa, with bunker.
Other bunkers: Madagascar, Ontario
Ammo shortages: China, Japan
Minor cities:
Ursa Minor in Greenland
Bad Rolls in Great Britain
The Shire in New Guinea
Keningrad in Russia

Looking forward to seeing how the campaign progresses. It's all kind of a stunt with the modifications, and envelopes to be opened at certain times. But it's definitely a fun and engaging stunt.
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