No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

The war continues

We squeezed in two games of Risk Legacy. Ken won both! Arg!

I was Die Mechaniker both times. My special faction power is if I roll natural boxcars when defending, then the attacking player has to just stop. I managed to do that in both games, in fairly crucial defenses of my HQ, which was pretty sweet.

We got to open a couple of the packets, so there's new rules and shit for next time, which should add some more excitement, and I approve of the new start of game method, which should make things a little more fair -- or at least more interesting. At the start, whoever rolls highest gets to pick their faction first, pick their starting point first, and move first. Not that the first person to go has actually won any of the three games, but it seems like quite an advantage.

Other results... Ken placed the Major City of Doomstadt in Northern Europe, and named the continent formerly known as Africa "Wakanda".
In honor of my double boxcars, Die Mechaniker founded the minor cities of Doppel-Sechs and Zwolf in Alaska and Kamchatka (incidentally putting a bit of a blockade across the Bering Strait -- when an unoccupied territory with a city on it is taken, you have to 'sacrifice' a unit in order to defeat the resistance in the city.
Aaron created the cities of Baharna in SE Asia, and New Detroit in Ontario.
Additional resource dots went to Central Africa, Western Australia (making it a 4-pointer and potential site of the World Capital), and wherever the hell Graydon put that last dot.

You'd think I'da had my fill of Schadenfreude, but I got a bonus dose as I drove home. As we all know, the road is populated entirely by idiots who drive slower than you and maniacs who drive faster than you. So a maniac blew past me on Centinela. I caught him up at the light, and managed to roll through as it went green and leave him behind. Which only made him more maniacal, so he blew past me again. I caught him at the next light. This one, he started off into the intersection while the light was still red. I caught up to him waiting at the left turn onto the Marina Freeway.
I do confess I consider that tiny stretch of underutilized Marina Freeway from Centinela to Slauson to be my personal race course. I may have exceeded the speed limit by some margin. But maniac flashed by again. I, however, noted the CHP-car merging in from the Fox Hills onramp. I moderated my velocity and merged in behind the copper. Maniac didn't care and blasted by. Even so, maniac could have gotten away with it, but when he got to Slauson he just blatantly ran the red light, without even an unconvincing pause. The cop rolled his lights and I got to pass the maniac for the last and best time.
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