No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Been busy

Sorry for the lack of substantive updates.
Last weekend, I got medieval on the ass of some grass that was growing in cracks in the cement around the house. I read that pouring boiling (or recently boiling anyway) saltwater on them would work better than Round-up. I put it to the scientific test, boiling some plants and spraying others. It took a few days to show, but the grass/weeds I boiled are definitely looking worse than the ones I sprayed. I have lain waste, salted the earth of my enemies, and heard the lamentation of their women. Rawr!

Been working on the report at work. It was finished on Tuesday, but getting the formatting right is still a bitch. Yesterday I sold a market brief, and this morning I sold a copy of the report. I don't really enjoy selling, but the commission is nice.

Yesterday was also another meeting of The Students Edge and Mechanical Simian. Looks like the functional part of the website is coming along nicely. We'll get to play around with it live maybe next week. After Mechanical Simian headed out, The Students Edge discussed business strategy for far too long, in my opinion. Right now we have 0 employees, 0 clients, 0 revenue... now is not the time to micromanage the franchising rights for our business. But a lot of useful ideas were thrown around.

Okay, back to the world of text boxes and image resizing.
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