No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Morning developments... so far

Received Christmas bonus. Extreme yay.

However, also discovered our office had been broken into. Extreme boo. On the plus side, the bad guy had only unhooked one computer before tripping the alarm sensor. So the computer is still here, awaiting fingerprinting. On the minus side, as the bad guy ran around, he knocked some ornaments off the office tree, destroying them. On the other plus side, the bad guy smashed his way out another window to escape, and may well have been sliced to ribbons exiting the building. We can only hope.

Got an email from a cousin back east. His sister did some of her student teaching at Sandy Hook. Her husband and daughter run a Kumon afterschool learning center in Newtown, and among their students are 6 who attend Sandy Hook.
Tags: family, news, work

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