No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

The war goes on and on and on...

The final campaign before the warring factions make their traditional holiday truce and gather around the Fallout Zone to sing carols like "Nuclear Winter Wonderland" and "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Mutant". Since we were getting our last licks in, it was pretty brutal. The usual cast of characters, with Giantsdance subbing for Aaron.

Ken started as the mutants, and it wasn't too bad, since he didn't have many men. I was able to wallop him fairly soundly in the first round, and then other people nibbled at him, so that he was never a huge threat. On the first turn Graydon almost politely asked if he could take Eastern United States and not cause an incident. Not a problem for me. On his next turn he gobbled up most of the rest of unoccupied North America, as I literally growled at him. So rather than finish Ken off, I smote Graydon for the next couple turns. I did pretty well, and had allllmost cemented North America, when I made my blitz to victory. I already had Graydon's HQ and my own. Just two more to win. I bumped off Andy's capital very easily, and then started my huge pile moving toward Ken. Attrition, attrition. Kevin used two missiles on me to kill 4 more of my men (and save 4 of Ken's). Arg. Ultimately, I'm standing there next to Ken's HQ with one soldier left to attack with. Ken's got one defender. It came down to my last man vs his last man. A nailbiter for sure. It's d6 v d6. I lose. Augh! Kevin mopped up and scored his first win. As his victory bonus, Kevin chose to TEAR UP the Western Australia resource card, with its 5 resource points. No World Capital in Perth. Much sadness for anyone who calls Australia home (Aaron).

It seemed reasonable to play a game two, but then this one stretched on and on, horrifically. Kevin was the mutants, setting up shop in Brazil. Graydon felt uncomfortable being squished between the mutants and me, and that was fine with me. Graydon managed to wipe out the mutants, but shortly afterwards, Fallout rained on the territories bordering the Zone, killing everyone (although now it occurs to me... I think Fallout doesn't cross sealines, so it shouldn't have killed Graydon's 3 soldiers in Brazil that were holding Kevin's mutant capital.) Other events also pummeled us. Rioting cities and unrest were killing dudes in all our cities, and incidentally destroying my HQ. It was hideous. At that point, Ken had a couple big piles of armies and little else, Andy had Australia sewn up and a big pile of armies coming to him. Everyone else was basically pathetic. Instead of striking at Ken, Andy killed my presence in Asia and took a few more Asian territories, spreading himself out thinly, and leaving Ken concentrated in his strongholds. Ken wiped out my North American presence, and though I was able to restart in Africa, and Graydon got wiped out and restarted in Asia, the end result was that now only Ken had lots of armies, and ultimately, finally, he mercifully finished the game, but not before I was wiped out again, making me the first player to get eliminated, meaning I got to open the "first time someone is eliminated" envelope. There are new faction powers that get added when a faction is first eliminated. I having that honor, I gave Khan Industries the power to move HQs. Could be useful for them, since they also have the get a bonus dude in all HQs you control. And I can see how I could easily use it to move my HQ from Northwest Territories to Ontario (which has a bunker). So I guess I'm starting to settle on Khan Industries, if I don't get the mutants. We'll see. As his winning bonus, Ken romantically acceded to jedifreac's desire to have Asia named to reflect its (claimed) ownership by the Republic of Taiwan. There are also new mercenary scars, but since there are only 3, it's not likely they'll get used unless and until we open another envelope with more scars, if any.
Tags: death, risk

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