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Journal of No. 118

January 2nd, 2013

Down the Wikipedia rabbit trail @ 09:52 am

So I was reading a story about a guy who stole 100 meteorites in North Carolina. And then I got hung up on the borrowed place names in the article: the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute named after the biblical Mount Pisgah, and the Transylvania County jail (where the dude is being held and presumably exsanguinated).

And then I stumbled across the Pisgah Home Historic District in the Highland Park area of Los Angeles, founded by an early faith healer and evangelist, predating the Azusa Street Revival. Quite a story, with blessed hankies, the Pisgah Ark for Wayward Girls, the Pisgah Gardens for TB patients, and all. The place is still used for religious purposes and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
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Journal of No. 118