No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Purty good weekend. Saturday I spent some time pulling out the grass I killed last weekend. Verdict of the experiment: boiling salt water is much more efficient than Round-up for killing plant matter. Though I fear that the many many weeds in the backyard may band together to pour boiling water on me as I sleep, I think I've found the solution for flora growing in the wrong spot. Some of the grass resisted my strongest efforts to yank it out, while other tufts brought flakes of concrete with them on the way out.

Today, went off to visit mom and the stepdad. Things went relatively smoothly, though the shenanigans of mom picking a place to sit at the restaurant was slightly silly. She dragged the seater to a couple different locations before settling on a spot. On the whole a good visit, and Dave's pants didn't fall down even one time!

Now, I've listed some crud on ebay and am chatting with the Lovecraftians.

Saw The Last Wave last night, directed by Peter Weir loooong before Master & Commander. Not a great film, but very interesting and smart and told in an unusual way. Perhaps a trifle incoherent in places, but what can one expect of the Dreamtime? It doesn't feel like it, but it's really a horror story.
Tags: bio, film

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