No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

The war continues...

Two more games of Risk last night. I did pretty lousy. It started off bad with having to park a mile from Kevin's place on what was pretty close to the coldest night in the past 20 years.

Game 1, Graydon came to kill me immediately... and succeeded. I was able to relocate and putter around for a bit, and stay alive, but I didn't do much of any use. Ultimately, Ken managed to satisfy the mission to place the World Capital, which gave him enough victory points to win. That also meant we opened an envelope of new goodies. New missions, new rules. The world capital is in Greenland, right next to my major City in the Northwest Territories. This could be really good or really bad. I haven't decided yet.

Game 2, I managed to pick first, so I thought I was setting myself up really well as the owner of both my major City and the World Capital. I definitely got off to a good start, particularly as Graydon started in Africa, giving me some room to roam. But I couldn't quite solidify the Americas, and I got gang-banged into irrelevance, when the other guys decided I needed to be stopped. And my fortification on my HQ city got hammered almost into smithereens by Kevin as he came to kill us all and win. Waah!

The night also ended poorly, as the onramp to the 90 was closed, forcing me to wiggle around the surface streets. Waah!
Tags: game, risk

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