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Journal of No. 118

January 30th, 2013

Wireless, by Charles Stross @ 04:35 pm

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Wireless collect a number of Stross' fiction, with an emphasis on a number of longer works, bookended by the Locus Award winning novella "Missile Gap" and the Hugo winning novella "Palimpsest". These are definitely the best of the bunch, and some of the middle is on the mediocre side, though it's hard not to like "A Colder War" with the Mythos making geopolitics even worse, as usual. The longer novellas take on some big themes, and to my mind, hearken back to a more Asimovian SF style of pursuing the logical consequences of a big science fictional twist. The novella is a tough length, and these do have that strange feeling of both too much and not enough, but still pretty durn good stuff.
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Journal of No. 118