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Journal of No. 118

February 19th, 2013

The PDT Cocktail book / The Little Green Book of Absinthe @ 04:53 pm

The LA Cocktail Examiner was kind enough to give me some of his library when he decided to hang up his spurs and muddler.

The PDT Cocktail Book is a handsome thing, written by the mind behind Please Don't Tell in NYC. THe first section of the book is about how to design and build a professional bar. Not something I'll need, but interesting to see the thought that goes into it. It moves on to the cocktail recipes, which I've hardly skimmed, actually. But I do like that he sources the drinks, roughly half to classic cocktail books from 1850-1940, and half to his contemporary mixologists of the 2000's. The hot dog section I find harder to swallow, so to speak [evidently PDT shares space with a hot dog joint, something like Varnish at Cole's.] Maybe if I were a NYC hot dog fancier, it'd be different, but these recipes didn't excite me at all. Finally, a nice primer on the different spirits and liqueurs and such, including the particular brands stocked at PDT.

The Little Green Book of Absinthe by Owens & Nathan, with drink recipes by Herlong.
It provides a good, solid background on absinthe. Not encyclopedic, but pretty good for a 'little' book. A lot of the drink recipes, however, struck me as horrid. Maybe if I made 'em and tried 'em, I'd change my tune, but it seems unlikely. Not that they're all bad, but I had a strong feeling of "what is good is not original and what is original is not good."
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Journal of No. 118