No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Fallout: New Vegas

Picked it up cheap & used, just like the tramps at the Atomic Wrangler in Freeside.

For a relatively big title, there were a lot of glitches and such, which was disappointing, though I guess a different development team was involved (though it looked and handled pretty much just like Fallout 3). Guess I'm glad I didn't pay anywhere near full price. Especially when some of the glitches are things like Sometimes Dhatri is nowhere to be found and may be glitched out of the world. So much for that mission. The main plot isn't that complicated, but there are a number of different factions you have to negotiate, and forge alliances here and there, and sometimes it's not very clear; some tighter plotting or writing could have helped a lot.

But as usual, the fun is roaming around the wastes running into random little adventures and places here and there, totally unrelated to the main story. I actually played through twice, and it was interesting to see how different some stories can turn out, making different character choices. It's not quite role-playing, but the one thing Fallout does right is giving you lots of options 'dialogue choices' to navigate through, many of them particularized to your character, say if you have high Speech skill, or Barter or have chosen a perk like Femme Fatale. So game 1 I maxed out on Guns, Speech, and Lockpicking, while game 2 I went for Barter, Energy Weapons, and Unarmed Combat. And I picked totally different perks (little bonuses you get when you level up). Making so many different choices gave me some insight on and appreciation for the design work they put into the game.

I can hardly wait for Fallout 4 to come out and for 3 years to pass so I can get it for $9!
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