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Journal of No. 118

March 16th, 2013

Adventures in Exotic Lomita @ 03:36 pm

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The AAA magazine had a little thing on Lomita, which isn't too far from us, so we made a little expedition. The main attraction is a little train museum:


Quick, turn the correct valve or the engine will blow up!

What could be more fun than a handcar? A little motorcycle handcar:

Ooo! Video!

You can check out a few more photos here.

I think the most interesting thing we learned about was the signalling device known as the torpedo. If a train is stopped on the tracks, and you want to warn the next train coming down the line, you hike back a half mile or so and strap a small bomb to the tracks to get the engineer's attention.

For lunch, we stopped at Alfredo's, and the Yucatecan fare was excellent. We chatted for a bit with Maria about our travels in the Yucatan -- she and her husband hail from Mérida -- and the food was good and authentic. Here's my pollo pibil:

Pollo Pibil - Alfredo's in Lomita
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Journal of No. 118