No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

The war continues

Lucky game #13 went to the aliens (oops... spoiler). Aaron was the aliens, and got off to a good start, smiting Smaug so effectively, he never really recovered. The rest of us beat up the aliens for a while, and Graydon and the Saharans were in ascendance. After I punched Graydon from below the equator, Ken dropped a ton of troops next to Graydon's HQ and smashed through. Aaron rebuilt himself, and a couple human cities got turned into ruins. I almost took out Graydon next turn, hoping to get his resource cards, but Ken stopped me with missiles, and then finished the job himself. But before things could get around again, Aaron dropped a ton of troops and captured Ken's and Graydon's HQs, winning the game.

It was a pretty good game, since (apart from poor Smaug) everyone was in the game and had a credible chance at winning.
Tags: risk

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