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Journal of No. 118

March 30th, 2013

Gaming the system @ 09:23 am

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North Carolina Republicans have introduced a bill to change the divorce requirements from one year of living apart, to a two year waiting period with some required classes. First, I congratulate them on a law that will actually 'protect marriage' in the sense of preventing or delaying divorces. But when I put on my rules lawyer hat, I notice that since "there is no requirement that the husband and wife live separate and apart," Tarheels should clearly file for divorce immediately after they get married. That way, if the time comes, you just have to take a few classes, and all the requirements are met (assuming you made it at least two years). Probably much faster than the previous 1 year period, though an obstructionist spouse could make it difficult if he or she refuses to take the classes.
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Journal of No. 118