No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118


I'm in a science museum (where else?) and they have an awesome display there. It's sort of built into the long wall of a long thin room. The exhibit is labelled something like "Does the Eight-ball really rotate backward?" as if this were some sort of urban legend. It's some strange mixture of pool and bowling. There's a 'break' somewhere near one end of the room, and then the balls somehow all come rolling in single file across an oiled bowling alley-ish surface. The balls are all bowling ball sized as well. But they are colored as billiard balls.
A voiceover starts. "First the One-Ball" and then the one ball rolls by. "Now the five Six-balls" and in a close linear formation, the five Six-balls (five?) pass by. "Now observe the Eight-ball." and damned if the eight-ball doesn't glide by with a slight reverse rotation to it, slipping along the oily lane.
The whole sequence, and particularly the eight-ball, was in crystal clear Dream-o-Vision.
Tags: dream

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