No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

The war ends (?)

I got off to a good start as the aliens, but it was too good a start, and everyone took the opportunity to smite me. And, although I completed a mission to get a victory point, that precludes you from getting a resource card, so I never had the armies to build back up, while the other people were sucking down some tasty resource cards. So I was swept into irrelevance, and even off the board, though I came back the next round and hung on to the end. Having dined on the corpse of my empire, the others started smiting each other, and Graydon came out on top. But that still meant that Ken was the undisputed overall campaign winner.

Ken - 4 wins
Mike - 3 wins
Aaron - 3 wins
Graydon - 3 wins
Smaug - 2 wins
Tags: risk

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