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Seekers Unlimited

Some of you know I'm on the board of directors of Seekers Unlimited, an educational nonprofit (status still-fucking-pending) that is involved in producing educational live action role-playing games for schools.

We've just launched a Kickstarter Campaign to raise money to polish and publish our first suite of edu-larps, which have had their initial runs at various schools around Southern California.

Too many schools are stuck in the rut of teaching to the standardized tests. Student performance and student interest in education are at shamefully low levels. Art, music, and drama have been reduced or cancelled. Our edu-larps help to insert some liveliness and humanity back into the curriculum.

Please spread the word and maybe toss a few (or many!) bucks our way. Rewards range from a stylish pen/light to a custom educational game run at your local school. And somewhere in the middle, you can get copies of parlor larps (not primarily educational) written by aaronjv and myself, including my finalist entry in the 2013 Larpwriter Challenge.

Also, an earlier Seekers Unlimited edu-larp, focused on teaching about Ancient Mesopotamia, is available for free from Educade/Gamedesk.
Tags: education, game, larp

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