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Journal of No. 118

April 11th, 2004

Something I forgot to post earlier @ 04:00 pm

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Dan: Anything else to discuss, or should we try to throw off Donovan's concentration?
me: This may sound a bit random, but does anyone want to see Aaron Vanek's ass?

Dan: No!
Dan: I'm not even in the least bit interested.
me: Then do not click on the photos from the cyberpunk game in my journal
me: just a friendly warning
Dan: All right.
Dan: Matt: There's Shoggoth.net's next poll!
Dan: Ask Pam if she wants to see Aaron Vanek's ass. We're taking a poll.
Dan: It must be scientific.
Donovan: No.
Dan: All right.
Dan: Shall we put down two "nos", then?
Donovan: Maybe when we're done.
Dan: So that's one definite and two possible nos.
Derek: And a definite "HELL NO!"

[roughly 20 minutes of other chatting edited out]

Donovan: my eyes!! i'm blind!! aeeieie....
me: I warned you
Donovan: i s aw aaron's butt! lord help me...
Dan: So now do I record that as a "want to" or "don't want to"?
Donovan: I had nothing to worry about in showing that to Pam (although I haven't). Aaron's butt isn't half as nice as mine.
Derek: But... if you're blind, how can you continue to type?
Donovan: Derek: I'm a touch-typist.
Donovan: I'm having Pam read your questions to me.
Donovan: Dan: Good question. My curiosity got the better of me, so I guess it could be argued that I did want to see Aaron's butt.
Derek: ....right...
Dan: So that's three against and one for, as Pam seems to have made her decision by default.
Donovan: Mike: Did Aaron shave his head for the game or was it already shaved?
me: He shaved it for the game
Donovan: That's committment. TO THE ASYLUM!
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Date:April 12th, 2004 11:35 am (UTC)


See, the point is NO ONE wants to see my ass...I MADE you look at it (maybe if you made a POW x 3 roll you could avoid looking).

I like forcing my ugly on people.

Journal of No. 118