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Ebay shenanigans &c.

As many of you know, I collect books published by Arkham House. Ebay has been my main source. A little over a month ago, I won this auction with two dustjacketless Arkhams. One of them I already own, so I figured I'd sell the duplicate, and get a relatively cheap copy of the other one. Since dustjackets mean so much to the price of collectible books, I got facsimile dustjackets for both of them. So far, I'm out around $150 and have two books with reproduction DJ's.
So I list my duplicate. It sells for $209.49.
So at the end of the day, minus some time and effort and some ebay, paypal and shipping fees, I not only got the other book for free, but actually gained $50.
I probably lucked out by getting a buyer with a lot of money on his hands. He's completed 100+ auctions in the last month and he's always the buyer. I've discovered he's also the president of a lobbying firm in Sacramento. No doubt, money from corrupt corporations now flows through my Paypal balance. Well, as Vespasian observed, "Pecunia non olet".
If I may wax bloggy(*) for a moment, it seems to me that selling multiple items nets you less than selling things separately. Sure, if you have a complete collection of something, that may pull in a premium price, but otherwise, breaking things up is the way to go. Since most of the people inhabiting Ebay are collectors, many of them are only looking for the few specific items they don't yet have. And those people are also the ones willing to pay just a little bit more to finish off their collection.
Anyway, I'm taking my logic seriously enough to put in a bid on this. There's a good chance I'll get sniped by a real bookdealer at the last minute, but I very conservatively totted up the values of the Arkham House books and arrived at a figure of about $1200. And that doesn't count the three or four books in that lot that I don't own. Or any of the Neville Spearmans, etc. If I win it, that'll keep me busy for a long time, selling them all off one at a time. Hmmm.... maybe I shoulda Bought-It-Now at $1000.

Wow, on May 2nd I'll've been registered for 6 years on ebay.

(*) I'm sure 'to wax bloggy' must be a euphemism for something that I don't want to associate myself with in any way, but it's kinda catchy.
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