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Journal of No. 118

September 15th, 2013

Wyrd Con 4 - Sunday @ 07:33 pm

I jetted back down to get in on a Dresden Files LARP run by a troupe based in NYC. Sunday morning is a difficult time, and I was by no means the most weary.

But we got sorted out, prepped, and game on. My character was somewhat tangential to the main plot, but I had no problem getting into things. A few good lines, some good back and forth, a time to shine (and show up my mentor) and tried to help a few other people get their own stories out. It really was a good group of role-players, and it gave me the same good feeling as Foundations at the first Wyrd Con. I had no expectations going in, and it turned out fabulous.

That led into the closing ceremonies where everyone got thanked and awarded. Costume and prop awards. The lackeys, er minions, for their hard work. And the dedicated con staff. And then some thought for Wyrd Con 5. At long last, it's coming to LA (one of the LAX hotels). This makes me so happy for perfectly selfish reasons. Unfortunately, the date chosen was Memorial Day. This conflicts with the traditional date for Maxicon. So there was some grumbling amongst the Enigmans. And some of the East Coast folk were not looking forward to the prospect of travel on Memorial Day weekend.

I liked the Dresden Files game so much, that I have some of the GMs luggage in my car. No, I didn't steal it, but storage room in their arranged transportation was at a premium. Probably some time not too far from now, it will be collected and taken away to the airport for their flight back.
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From:Jason Schissel
Date:September 16th, 2013 09:24 am (UTC)
how was it compared to the Schlichter/Schissel Dresden Files LARP?
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Date:September 16th, 2013 09:55 am (UTC)
In some ways very similar. The players were all excited to be there, and the characters all (or mostly) had something to do, and got to be in the spotlight at one time or another. Simple rules.

Casting my mind back to your game, I may have had more personal fun at yours, enjoying being devious and word-twisty.

But these folks really did a great job putting together a scenario that forced characters into making decisions with extreme personal consequences and sacrifice. While your game allowed the game to get big in anger, this one gave us swings from angry to weepy. Since I am a robot, this isn't really my thing, but a lot of the people there were eating that shit up with both hands. Pretty amazing.

If you remember the scene with me and Kelly that happened sortakinda after your game ended, off in a corner, this game had a dozen scenes like that, front and center, and where neither of the two people involved was a robot.

Journal of No. 118