No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Friday night was the 1964 episode of Descent, an on-going Vampire LARP that jumps a decade per session. It was held at Encounter. The food wasn't up to the usual standard, but the martini was excellent. All sorts of bad news was aired, above and beyond the Final Death of Mrs. Doheny. Looks like Los Angeles is getting to be a dangerous place for Vampires.
Saturday morning, I did a little toot-toot-tutoring and then went to Jason's 'surprise' 35th birthday, hosted by mersh. Since J. was already there when we arrived, we couldn't quite surprise him as we expected, but I think the presents we got him were at least confusing if not surprising. A funky box filled with skull-head shotglasses, pop rocks and a Satan-shaped air-freshener ("Smells like Hell"). Saw Ned & Steve & a host of other people there. Jenn put on a ridiculously lavish feast held in a pseudo-tent pavilion. No one cared that the blood supply to our legs dropped to zero as we sat on our cushions stuffing ourselves with lamb and chicken and stuffed tomatoes and marinated red peppers and chocolate cake. Oh, and wine, plenty of wine. Jason seemed to enjoy having his position of honor as an Eastern potentate at the head of the long table. Great evening.
Sunday, I did some troubleshooting on the Student's Edge website, cleaned up some Miskatonic U stuff, wrote a Noir character for Richard and otherwise took it easy while Rebecca demolished an oleander, uprooted grass from the planter behind the house and prepared to patch some stucco. But at least I fixed her a drink when she was done. And when she woke from her nap, Chinese food had magically appeared. So at least I'm not completely worthless.
Tags: larp/rpg, party

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