No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Quotes from Antigovernment Christian Conservatives

Speaking of strange juxtapositions, the combination of Tea Party anti-governmentism and conservative Christianity leads to some unpleasantness. I mean there was torture lady a while back. But now, in the wake of the shooting at LAX, we get comments (stipulated that they are in the minority!) on the Christian Forum like:

"I will give this: no TSA would have died if they didn't exist. Sorry.


Everyone's talking about how this is going to turn into an abolish-guns issue. I say, turn it into an abolish-TSA issue. The guy was never a threat to the public: he was a threat to the TSA. Nor is the TSA there to protect you now (if they ever were): they are out to protect themselves. Which, like I said, would not be necessary if they didn't exist."

"Meh. One less tsa goon groping children and grannies. Call me when a real person dies."

I mean, these are people with 1000+ posts. I doubt they're trolls, though it's hard to tell with the latter one, who has drunk way too much tea-flavored koolaid.

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