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Inglewood schools

Just skimming through the nglewood Fiscal Crisis & Management Assistance Team report on Inglewood Unified, and it makes for dismal reading. The state came in a while back and took over, when the district had a $55 million shortfall.

"Stated reasons for fiscal insolvency included: Overstating [attendance], understating California State Teachers’ Retirement System payments, understating certificated salary expenses, continued deficit spending, and declining enrollment."

And the board is just as dysfunctional as I thought: "There is evidence of conflict between board members as well as in-fighting, nepotism, and mismanagement by district leaders."

But let's just forget the fiscal mismanagement and leadership problems. Let's talk results.

"On the California Alternate Performance Assessment, ... [students scoring] proficient and above ... in math and in English language arts (ELA)." --- 1.3%

California Modified Assessment
Proficient and above in math --- 2.4%
Proficient and above in ELA --- 2.5%
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