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Tails of Wonder and Imagination, edited by Ellen Datlow

Tails [not sic] is an anthology of stories about cats (rather generously applied in some cases to felids other than the common housecat). It's a nice thick book of 40 stories, and the list of authors is pretty spectacular: DeLint, Gaiman, Oates, Joyce, Beagle, Reggie Oliver, King, Crowley, Kessel, GRR Martin...

I'm afraid there's so many stories, it's hard to recall them all, but definitely the general quality is in keeping with the good company. Trying to flip through and recall anything that stands out in my mind...

The dismal slice of life of Michael Marshall Smith's "Not Waving" is not exactly enjoyable, but powerful.
Kelly Link's "Catskin" is a dark fable of revenge.
Mary Turzillo's "Pride" maybe heads for a predictable ending, but I enjoyed the ride.
Joyce Carol Oates' "The White Cat" is a great story. Even if it's 'just' a peculiar inversion of Poe's Black Cat, it's really well-done and stands alone without being derivative.
Nancy Etchemendy's "Cat in Glass" has a nice Twilight Zone feel to it.
John Kessel's "Every Angel is Terrifying" ends with a kind of horrible mystery (in a good way).
John Crowley's "Antiquities" is a satisfying gentleman's club story with just the right amount of implausibility.
Dennis Danvers' "Healing Benjamin" amuses you till you get to that heart-wrenching ending.
I liked the idea behind Theodora Goss' "The Puma" -- a 'sequel' to the Island of Dr. Moreau -- but it didn't quite live up to my expectation.
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