No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Speaking of Christian homeschooling...

PZ linked to an article that features some hilarious/sad multiple choice questions from Accelerated Christian Education, a Texas-based provider of homeschool curricula. As the blogger (or rather, the blogger's mom) notes, it's not the creationism, conservatism, and Christianity. We expected that. “It’s the crapness!”

I mean, you're allowed the occasional stupid/funny multiple choice question/answer, but there seems to be an awful lot. A select few:

"The correct answer, for those puzzled, is piano tutors. It’s not that ACE doesn’t believe that sports coaches or librarians can touch students’ lives. The point is that the exact sentence “Piano tutors can touch the lives of their students” has previously appeared in the PACE, and the student is expected to remember this. Verbatim regurgitation of previously seen material is the entire point of the ACE system."

Tags: education, history, religion, sad

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