No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Gnomic Response of the Day

In the HPLHS FB group, someone was reading HPL's work chronologically and wondered out loud, "Where are all the tentacles? I'm a decade into his writing career and nary a tentacle!"

Me: It might just be that gluing tentacles onto monsters is not actually Lovecraft's primary contribution to weird fiction.

And since it happened about the same time, I may as well record a bit of this IM with Prime:

Prime: Mrs. Prime is using feedly, too. I use Mrs. Prime (who emails me 10 articles/day from feedly)

Me: Using a non-Artifical Intelligence to prioritize things. That's clever.

Prime: well, there is a certain inherent bias
Prime: I read a lot about babies and nutrition

Me: They're pretty nutritious, I imagine

Prime: and tender
Tags: hpl, internet, lovecraft

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