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Journal of No. 118

January 5th, 2014

Gnomic Response of the Day @ 08:56 am

In the HPLHS FB group, someone was reading HPL's work chronologically and wondered out loud, "Where are all the tentacles? I'm a decade into his writing career and nary a tentacle!"

Me: It might just be that gluing tentacles onto monsters is not actually Lovecraft's primary contribution to weird fiction.

And since it happened about the same time, I may as well record a bit of this IM with Prime:

Prime: Mrs. Prime is using feedly, too. I use Mrs. Prime (who emails me 10 articles/day from feedly)

Me: Using a non-Artifical Intelligence to prioritize things. That's clever.

Prime: well, there is a certain inherent bias
Prime: I read a lot about babies and nutrition

Me: They're pretty nutritious, I imagine

Prime: and tender
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Journal of No. 118