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Science League of America

The National Center for Science Education has started a new blog, entitled Science League of America. It takes its name from a pro-science organization run by Maynard Shipley in the 1920s in San Francisco. Here's a splendid call to action from a 1925 issue of the American Journal of Public Health.

"Our protest is against the control
of science by fanatics who consider themselves religious. We have nothing to
say against their tenets so long as they let science alone.
The Science League of America had its birth in California, a state which
has for many years been the Mecca for every type of cult, religious and otherwise,
that the twisted mind of man could invent. The scientific men of California have
necessarily come into contact with these cults more directly than most of us. We
bespeak the support of this League by all who are interested in scientific freedom."

Anyway, the current blog version of the SLoA has a neat article about Presbyterian theologian and geologist James Woodrow, uncle of Woodrow Wilson, who faced difficulties due to his acceptance of the theory of evolution.

"The synods of Georgia, Alabama, and South Georgia and Florida also expressed their disapproval, and since those four synods together controlled Columbia Theological Seminary, they were thus able to prohibit the teaching of evolution there. The board of directors then asked Woodrow to resign; when he refused, he was dismissed."
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