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No. 118

Yesterday, I posted this story (Iceland: Mystery Basalt Pillars 'Not Formed by Trolls Fighting') to FB, and was delighted by my friends sticking up for trollism. It was also cathartic to respond in kind, saying things I would probably never say to a creationist (unless I had really been worked up into a tizzy).

Yesterday was also the Ham on Nye Debate (still available for the time being on YouTube - when Ham starts selling DVD's, the free stream will likely vanish.) I only listened with one ear (literally) at work, but Nye did better than I feared. Most people seem to think he won handily, though the actual number of changed minds is probably zero. I paid more attention to Ham, who did okay with his rhetoric, but he's no Duane Gish.

Some dude on Buzzfeed who was there gave creationists from the audience a pen and asked them to write messages to evolutionists. I find it odd that a couple of them refer to there being 'only 1 Lucy'. I dunno if that's something Ham said in the debate, but obviously, there are many A. afarensis fossils. Maybe they'd accept evolution if they only knew.

Anyway, I now feel the urge to translate all creationist arguments into Troll.

How do you explain a sunset if their is no troll?
Tags: religion, science

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