No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Jury duty

My crossed fingers may have worked. Although, being skeptical, I never actually crossed any digits.

Monday was a holiday, and I went TWT unscathed, but naturally they called be in on Friday. Once again, it was DTLA.

They called a couple panels in the morning, but I was unscathed. Almost, anyway. The exciting moment of the morning was when the chippy next to me pulled an apple from her purse and started munching away. One wide jawed crunch sent a spray of apple juice onto my leg and my Kindle screen. She was appropriately apologetic.

At lunch, I semirandomly chose Lazy Ox for lunch. It was good, but the price/performance ratio was not that good. Also, though I asked for fries, I wound up with salad on the side. Considering how long it took, I didn't kick, but I think someone else got my fries. It was good, but the best part of it was the whole grain mustard. The sangria was exemplary.

Back in the afternoon, and you are ultrasensitive to any further calls. A roomful of Roderick Ushers, we were demoralized when at 3 pm there was another call. And this was no usual call, but the judge had issued some stipulations to be read to us.

90 days. NINETY DAYS. We were told this trial would last 90 days. We were offered the unusual liberty of answering "No" when our names were called, if we met the stipulations for excuse the judge set forth. I felt sure they would call all our names to get a solid number, but it was not so. And my name was not called at all. Another hour, and they set us free. Buoyed, I placed a take-out order to Cole's. It may not have been as warm as one would've liked, after I fought the 10 and La Brea home, but it was still purty good.
Tags: food, jury, la, skepticism

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