No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

The Stagoids, a xenological study

An alien species lives among us, dwelling within staged houses. They are like, and yet hideously unlike, us.


Apparently they do not eat. More bizarrely, they do not have coffeemakers or microwaves. They do however, use knives. They also are somewhat particular that their faucets are bilaterally symmetric.


You're right, Ray. No human would stack books like this.


They apparently sleep seven to a bed, each with its own pillow.


Their towels are all white and never used. Humans will be very forcefully told DO NOT USE THE TOWELS. No, you've already looked at them enough.


They sort books by color palette and size.


Their computers are operated via direct mind control.


Stagoids use no lotions, hair products, deodorants or make-up. They merely take a brief sniff of a small bunch of flowers in the morning, and they are beautiful for an entire day.
Tags: house

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