No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

House shuffling

Things are moving fast. We've received three offers on the house. All have their good and bad points. This evening, we fired off our counteroffers. May the best bidder win. We also saw a couple houses today. At lunch, I snuck off work and we saw a place among the Dons. Digger had a look earlier, and Dr. Pookie actually got some live feedback from her visit. Now was our turn. I want to smack the hipsters who live there. But once you removed their ironic (but very real) moose head, and the organic chicken run, that place was pretty awesome.

This evening, we saw another place in the Dons. The view would kill lesser mortals. Literally, you would die. That first housewarming party, I'll just take presents and stack up bodies. The owner was in the music industry, and you can still feel the echoes of the cocaine fueled orgies that once took place there in the 1980s. Or possibly that's the coke that's still stuck between the mirror panels on the wall. It needs some love (most of us relics of the 80s do) but seriously, the view is un-be-fricking-lievable. Million dollar view, for less than a million dollars, with crumbling house thrown in.

We may be making offers soon....
Tags: house, money

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