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I've played a fair amount of Destiny. The game looks and sounds absolutely beautiful. But there's a giant black hole where the interesting story is supposed to be. I'm not the first to say it, but it is Borderlands with better graphics (and no sense of humor). This applies equally to both games: "I enjoyed it, but it starts to get tedious/monotonous, as you carry out 'missions' that seem mainly designed to send you back and forth long distances across the maps so that monsters can fight you."

Multiplayer is fun, even if (as usual) I get killed a lot in the arena-style PvP games. Although I should say, one of the neat advances is that even the single-player game is sort of multiplayer. You can see other players wandering around the area and join up in impromptu ways to battle the monsters. One slightly maddening thing is that there are no communications. Apparently, you can only hear the audio of people you've friended in PSN and that are part of your group. This may keep the rape threats and fagcusations down, but it makes the environment pretty sterile for multiplayer. And it really detracts from the cooperative missions, where communication would obviously be of use.

It's fun enough that I'm keeping with it, but I can easily imagine that a few months after I set it down, I will have totally forgotten it.
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