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Random Task, show them what you do

This morning, there was a crow hopping around our backyard with a broken wing. I suspect that the evil foliage in the backyard tried to capture and eat him. Are you still outraged by our herbicide, Toren? I called animal control and a guy came and lassoed our new-found friend and took him away. Which reminds me... Why is a raven like a writing desk? (*)

Going back a few days, for Miskatonic Day, I created a little architectural detail.

Rebecca miraculously cured one of our sprinklers of its incontinent ways. And she also picked out a little medicine cabinet-y type thing for the bathroom. I was a little unsure of how well our wall was going to hold it, especially as the studfinder was behaving with such irreproducible results that I believe the studs in the wall must be S shaped. We never did manage to find any studs, but the wall appears to be content with the addition, as long as no one attempts any chin-ups on it.

Watched a bit of Penn & Teller's BULLSHIT. It's not telling me anything I didn't know, but it's terribly refreshing to hear James van Praagh be called a motherfucker. It was a little strange seeing James Underdown of the Center for Inquiry-West there. I've met him, and actually helped to create and name the Independent Investigations Group. Some of you young Catholic wenches may recall going to see/test an aura reader... my best memory being future-axe-murderess Julie being told that she would be a kindergarten teacher, or something like that. Anyway, suddenly the IIG mutated into this thing where you had to take classes (costing $) to stay in as 'investigators' and I jetted out rapidly. That also counts as BULLSHIT in my book. If they don't want the free expertise of someone with an advanced degree in physics, then fuck 'em.

Saw The Devil's Backbone last night. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Hellboy was teh suck, but I can still dream that del Toro will make something excellent out of At the Mountains of Madness. My Spanish is just good/bad enough that I thought that the title 'El espinazo del diablo' is quite close to The Devil's Spinach.

Okay, I'm gonna list a few pieces of crap on Ebay now.

(*) Poe wrote on both, of course.
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