No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Stock market shenanigans

Item #1: One of my mutual funds had some sort of huge capital gain, so it paid out a dividend of about 28% of its own value.
Of course, that money going out to investors means the fund is worth less, so its price dropped about the same amount.
But I have it set to automatically reinvest, so I now own more shares of the cheaper fund.
Net result: pretty much diddly.

Item #2: I bought ValueClick a year and a half ago.
It changed its name to Conversant earlier this year.
Now it has been acquired by Alliance Data, and the terms were for current shareholders "to be paid with approximately 48 percent cash and 52 percent ADS shares"
So I got a lump of cash and 14 shares of ADS.
Net result: I got less cash out than I put in, but the total package is a nice gain.
Tags: money, trivia

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