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Journal of No. 118

January 13th, 2015

On the Map, by Simon Garfield @ 04:49 pm

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On the Map offers a number of amusing diversions cartographic. I already mentioned a few of the interesting maps that are discussed, and there's a surprising amount of variety, with chapters on map thieves, and globes, and pirates, and the Tube map, and the cholera map, and star maps, and an unexpected but totally fitting chapter on maps in games, from 'Atlantic City' to Greyhawk to Liberty City.

One chapter discusses the possible obsolescence of the map, with our new reliance on turn-by-turn GPS instructions, but also notes a new crop of map-courses springing up. After taking such an orienteering course, and noting the enthusiasm, Garfield innocently wonders whether "we may one day return to the fold".

A slight bias toward England in the topics, but still a fun read.
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Journal of No. 118