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Yesterday morning, we struggled off to a block yardsale. Rebecca had dreams of an Antique Roadshow-style victory, but we wound up with another kind of victory... Nike Adjusting her Sandal. Since Nike's slogan is "Just Do It", we did. Sadly, it was not the Greek original, but for $3, we got a life-size plaster reproduction (which Becca later found on the market for $200, so maybe it was an Antiques Roadshow-style victory after all). At the moment it adorns the side of the garage.

Went to see a program at Melnitz last night. The first half was a bunch of shorts about Los Angeles ranging from 1920 to 1961. Plenty of great history and scenery. And so many goofy Los Angeles landmarks. Sure, we all know about the Brown Derby and Tail o' the Pup, but there were so many other cool things.
The second item on the program was Losey's remake of M, with Los Angeles standing in for Berlin. The first scene shows a few people getting into something like a streetcar, and when it goes into motion, you suddenly realize that it's Angel's Flight. It's an unsettling feeling to see the road and sidewalk both recede and drop away. Having 'M' hole up in the Bradbury building was also neat. As for the film on the whole, what was good was not original and what was original was not good. It was still interesting to see some of Lang's shots that Losey recreated quite faithfully. It was also a hoot seeing Jim 'Mr. Howell' Backus as the Mayor of Los Angeles.

Other than that, it's been a weekend of yardwork, home improvement and some tasty barbecue.

Edited to add: Oh, and we had a teeny little earthquake. Fortunately, neither the house nor the garage fell down. Apparently, it was a wimpy 2.7 off the coast of Santa Monica, but there was a nice sharp jolt here.
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