No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Self-Reference ENGINE, by Toh EnJoe

This is not a novel.
This is not a short story collection.
This is Self-Reference ENGINE.

I gave up. There are a few smiles, a few hints of Borges or Doug Hofstadter, but more in a quoting sort of way than an organic sort of way. In an alternate universe I would have moved widdershins through time, molested a sock, and enjoyed this book. But instead, I gave up.

✓Book you started but never finished
✓with bad reviews
If I seemed to imply at any time that this book makes sense, I am sorry. It does not.

I almost feel that people may rate it high simply in order to not look dumb, because this book is definitely not for everyone. This is an experimental sci-fi book organized as a loose collection of vignettes or short stories that roughly take place in the same fluctuating universe.
I believe this book is a cutting-edge experiment and an extended thought experiment on the space-time continuum. However, I can’t say I personally enjoyed it. Sadly, reading this work of high concept sci-fi just felt like a chore to me.
Tags: book, insanity

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