No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Something Breathing, by Stanley McNail

A slim volume of sinister poetry, probably most famous (among Arkham House collectors, at least) for being printed for Arkham House by Villiers Publications in England. As for the poetry: some good, some bad. Here's my favorite.

Three Sisters

Three lean sisters, of uncertain age,
Lived in a house like a rusty cage.

Amanda embroidered, and fondled her cat,
And went to church in a plum-colored hat.

Theresa baked cookies, and kept a strong box
Of old indiscretions, and babies' locks.

Laura awoke when the house was still
And the moon was round as a quinine pill.

She bloodied her mouth, and gashed her face,
And rode a black hound to the trysting place.

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Tags: arkham, book, poetry, wit

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