No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Cinnamon Kiss, by Walter Mosley

One of the Easy Rawlins books, Cinnamon Kiss is set in 1966, primarily in LA and SF. Easy's buddy Saul Lynx (who lives in View Park) gets him involved in a job to find some people; things go wrong, and all sorts of hardboiled action ensues. Meanwhile, Easy needs money for his daughter's eye operation (ok, cancer, whatever) and that puts more pressure on him to walk the wrong side of the street. Entertaining and well-written, but not a great work.

✓with a color in the title ("Bowers had a colored servant named Philomena Cargill, generally known as Cinnamon -- because of the hue of her skin, I am told." ... "Her skin was indeed cinnamon red.")
✓takes place in your hometown (mostly... and part of the action takes place in my neighborhood).
Tags: book

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