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Journal of No. 118

May 20th, 2004

Maxicon4 @ 05:14 pm

Maxicon4 is in a week. Previously, I had listed that I would run "Game Pulled Outa Mike's Butt at the Last Minute". But an idea of britgeekgrrl has been festering in my brain, and so I present, with very little fanfare:

Fforde of the Rings -- RPG
6 players (full)
A handful of Jurisfiction agents with license to boojum tackle a crisis in the Bookworld. Just because the game now has a proper title doesn't mean that it won't be pulled out of my butt at the last minute.

Any of you players out there, feel free to check out the Jurisfiction link, but don't waste any time memorizing details. My own memory of the books is so bad that I'll just pull stuff out of my butt, anyway.
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Journal of No. 118