No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

The Long Lost, by Ramsey Campbell (& Metro Last Light)

The Long Lost is a bit of an odd duck, and I can understand why many people (apparently) don't care for it, but I found it a pretty good read. There are only the vaguest supernatural happenings, mostly sequestered into the very beginning and the very end of the book. Most of the book is about the fates of a half dozen-ish friends and couples that get touched by the supernatural thing. And their lives... just... go... wrong. In ways variously banal and horrible... often fatal. Infidelity, ruined businesses, loss of hope, revenge... a catalogue of mundane disasters, perhaps, but Campbell's writing gives it all some deliciously horrifying verve.

Finished the followup to Metro, Metro: Last Light. More polished, but not necessarily a better game, though it may have the first nipple slip I can recall in a postapocalyptic FPS.
Tags: book, game

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