No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Surge of Power

I spent the evening of mayxbo5's birthday at a special screening of Surge of Power, a first feature-film directed by our pal, Mike. Certainly, it wasn't a final cut -- some effects shots missing and the sound hasn't been tinkered with at all yet. But it was mostly complete.

Parts of it were good and amusing... at times it worked up some momentum, so that I could convince myself I was watching a real movie. But there was plenty to criticize. I've already sent off a billion comments to Mike, so I won't bother to go through it all over again. Instead, I'll just wonder who thought Robert could portray a gay scientist? Plenty of other Enigman involvement: Obi-Shawn, Colleen and the car have bit parts in it, Popepat appears as Bank Robber #2, and I noticed aaronjv was listed as a PA, though his name's spelled wrong on the website.
Tags: enigma, film

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