No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

A new earth to destroy in Risk Legacy

A few years back, Smaug invited me to a Risk: Legacy campaign, and now I got a chance to return the favor. He and I were joined by Chun and Dr. Pookie for the first game. Dr. Pookie took her role seriously in replacing Andy, who couldn't make it. Not only would she role-play the enclave of the bear, but she would role-play Andy role-playing the Enclave of the Bear. We all have some doubts about the accuracy of the portrayal, but anyway.

Chun got beaten up first, as Smaug captured his HQ, but Chun came back nicely, and soon spread like a rash through the New World. Dr. Pookie solidified control of Africa. Smaug took Europe, and I had Australia and east Asia. I punched into Smaug's HQ, and on the next turn, punched across to Chun's, winning the game. So I have a good track record on the first game of the campaign -- 2-0.

I founded the major city of Lemuria in Madagascar. And IIRC, there are also the cities of Blood Diamond in S. Africa, Hobbiton in Great Britain, and Chuntopia in the US.
Tags: game, risk

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