No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

The war continues...

On alternate Earth, north is north.

Smaug went first, choosing Khan Industries, and setting up HQ in East Africa (preventing me from starting in Lemuria). Giantsdance started in Venezuela as the Saharans. I Balkaniaed myself into New Guinea. The Atomic Messiah chose Iceland with Die Mechaniker.

Smaug settled comfortably into Africa, Giantsdance had S. America, I had Australia, and the Atomic Messiah struggled to get all of Europe. It was quiet for a time, and then the punches started getting thrown. I did fairly well, and if not for the rule that people who have won a game start with one fewer victory point, I would have won. Giantsdance was eliminated, which opened an envelope that will have repercussions next time. In the previous campaign, it took quite a while for someone to be eliminated; I think this earlier opening will have some greater effects. Ultimately, Khan Smaug won the day. Smaug founded the major city of Rio Zika in Brazil, like the pinhead he is. The Atomic Messiah made a minor city in China, and I created Irem in the Middle East -- "Of the [Cthulhu] cult, he said that he thought the centre lay amid the pathless deserts of Arabia, where Irem, the City of Pillars, dreams hidden and untouched."
Tags: game, lovecraft, risk

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