No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

The war continues...

Game 3 of the Risk Legacy campaign was pretty short. Gray hosted, and since Smaug scratched due to illness, Rob was available to fill in.

Rob did the Australia thing, Chun did the S. America thing, I did the Africa thing, Giantsdance wanted as little to do with us as possible and started in Yakutsk, while Gray cramped my style in SW Europe. I punched into Brazil -- despite Gray's closeness -- hobbling Chun, and Giantsdance hobbled himself smashing into Rob with lousy dice. So it was the Rob and Gray show for a while, but Rob was more cautious, allowing Gray the opportunity to grab Chun's HQ by going though me, and then grabbing my HQ by going through what was left of me. So Chief Gray added his name to the board of victors.

As for the board, Africa is a hot mess, but it's my hot mess (not that people are likely to let me get cosy there). Stickers all over including a new bunker in East Africa, and a Mercenary spawner in North Africa (both likely to be popular warzones). But fortunately, there are also some other attractive areas, there's a mercenary spot in SE Asia, adding a bit more to the lure of Australia, and the third mercenary spot is in Yakutsk, where Giantsdance put a small city. Gray put his major city in Greenland, which is already home to a bunker.

Essentialsaltes - 1
Smaug - 1
Gray - 1
Tags: game, risk

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