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Journal of No. 118

September 26th, 2016

Debate notes @ 08:07 pm

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I assume this was in the plan, but there was some perfect needling by Clinton that hit Trump at just the wrong time (from my perspective -- hopefully, from everyone's). Basically, encouraging Trump to boast.

Trump says it was good business to buy cheap property after the financial crisis.
5 million people lost their homes.

Trump (reportedly) owes $650 million. "That's not a lot of money."

In some years (where he had to report his taxes) Trump paid zero federal taxes.
"It was smart."


After Trump gibbered and attacked Lester Holt about whether he did or didn't support the invasion of Iraq, for him to move immediately to "I have a better temperament" was the height of absurdity.


Trump's answer on the race issue was completely tone-deaf. 80% law & order, stop & frisk. 20% black and brown people have it bad. (No shit.)


If I had been Clinton, one wonky thing I would have hit him with is that Japan cannot have an army, per se, because of the outfall of WWII and the treaty with the US. They have a self defense force. And we are, by treaty, obligated to handle external threats to Japan.


Trump (re)declaring war on Rosie O'Donnell added a nice touch.
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Date:September 27th, 2016 03:33 am (UTC)
"Trump's answer on the race issue was completely tone-deaf."

eh...if you're a person of color, or a white liberal, sure. But there's a large portion of the electorate that will eat that shit up with a spoon.

"If I had been Clinton, one wonky thing I would have hit him with is..."

I think it was pretty clear that her advisors instructed her to avoid wonking too hard. The intellectual members of the electorate are already 99% for Clinton. Now she needs to win over those voters who are actually considering voting for Trump (or Johnson or Stein.) We're not talking about a bunch of geniuses here. She's not going to win them over by sounding like their 11th grade history teacher.

I agree about the needling, though. Seemed pretty clear to me that she laid a few traps that he walked into.
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Date:September 27th, 2016 06:25 pm (UTC)

Jerry Springer said it best. "Hillary Clinton belongs in the White House. Donald Trump belongs on my show."

Journal of No. 118