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The best marketers

What? You're not on Trump's mailing list? How else do you keep your eye on him?

<IMG SRC="">

Some points:

#1: The "FEC quarter deadline" sounds very ominous. But surely this is just... well, June ends today. That's a calendar quarter end. There is no particular reason to mention it other than as a fake way to drum up activity.

#2: Triple Matched. By whom? We are not told.

#2a: I mean, all these things are little marketing gimmicks. We've seen it all the time. For a limited time, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation will match all donations. We know that the Gateses picked some donation amount, and in order to try to elicit individual donations, these matching things are set up. And it all works out so that they give the full amount they wanted to donate in the first place.

#2b: I bet the Gateses are not triple matching your Trump donations.

#2c: It must be so encouraging to know that your donation is worth one third of that of the real big donor (whoever it is) 
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