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Entitled White Dude Adventures

DURBIN: I — I’ll just say this: If you, Judge Kavanaugh, turned to Don McGahn and to this committee and say, “For the sake of my reputation, my family name, and to get to the bottom of the truth of this, I am not going to stay — be an obstacle to an FBI investigation,” I would hope that all the members of the committee would join me in saying, “We’re going to abide by your ... wishes, and we will have that investigation.”

KAVANAUGH: I — I welcome whatever the committee wants to do, because I’m telling the truth.

DURBIN: I want to know what you want to do.

KAVANAUGH: I — I’m telling the truth.

DURBIN: I want to know what you want to do, Judge.

KAVANAUGH: I’m innocent. I’m innocent of this charge.

DURBIN: Then you’re prepared for an FBI investigator…

KAVANAUGH: They don’t reach conclusions. You reach the conclusion, Senator.

DURBIN: No, but they do investigate questions.

KAVANAUGH: I’m — I’m innocent.


DURBIN: I’m asking about the FBI investigation.

KAVANAUGH: They’re — the committee figures out how to ask the questions, I’ll do whatever. I’ve been on the phone multiple times with committee counsel. I’ll talk to…

DURBIN: Judge Kavanaugh, will you support an FBI investigation…

KAVANAUGH: … I’ll do — I’ll…

DURBIN: … right now?

KAVANAUGH: … I — I will do whatever the committee wants to…

IANAL, and I can hypothetically imagine that this is how a lawyer (or judge) should answer these questions. Nobody idly invites an FBI investigation. But for me, this weaseliness is where Kavanaugh failed the job interview.


The whole situation also brought to mind a weird conversation that came up when I was teaching at the girls' high school. Somehow the topic of fraternities and frat parties came up. Now, my vast experience of frat parties amounts to one (perhaps not coincidentally, I was asked by a girl at the dorms, who wanted a male friend along). But having lived in an apartment building next door to a frat house, I had other observations and smellservations to judge from.

Anyway, I cautioned the girls to be wary of fraternities and not to go alone to parties. And I got a lot of pushback. No way! These were exciting boys with nice cars and excellent job prospects. And I soon felt I was just digging a hole -- I was protesting too much, probably couldn't get in, sour grapes.

Anyway, as an entitled white dude, it's easy for me to look at groups of entitled white dudes and recognize them doing entitled white dude things. And nothing in the general description of the party life in Kavanaugh's background is in the least bit surprising or eye-opening. And nothing in Kavanaugh's petulant display is either. Or the treatment he's receiving in the Senate. Not sure where I was going with this. Just venting.

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